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Denim & Leather Penelope Flower Dog Leash
Denim & Leather Penelope Flowers Dog Leash and dog collar

Penelope 5 Flower Denim & Leather Dog Leash with Crystals

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Create some fun with color while you walk with this Penelope denim and leather flower leash. The crystals are handset to each center flower and next to the flower. Each flower and leash is hand painted with special care and finishes to add to the elegance your dog deserves.
The leash is denim on one side and leather on the other side. A total of 5 flowers near the hook and handle. Hook: 3 Handle: 2 w/crystals on the flowers & between.

*Please note that these items are custom made and may have a picture shown with a slight variation of the detail listed. If you have any questions please ask.

The nickel d-ring attached by the handle holds the coordinating waste bag dispenser which is also available.
The hook size varies according to the width of the leash

The color combinations can be customized upon request.

The following lists combinations including the denim/leather leash color and flower with crystal combination. The handle will be denim and leather inside for comfortable wear and longevity.

Denim/Red-Flowers: Bottom: White Top: Red Crystal: All Clear

Denim/Yellow-Flowers: Bottom: White Top: Yellow Crystal: Flower: Ruby Strap: Clear

Denim/Navy-Flowers: Bottom: Turquoise Top: Red Flower: Sapphire Strap: Clear

Denim/Magenta-Flowers: Bottom: Magenta Top: Pink Tulip Flower: Rose Strap: Clear


Available in: 4 ft x ½”, ¾” ,1” 5 ft x ½”,  ¾”, 1”

This is a custom dog leash, made to order. Please allow approximately 3-4 weeks to complete. They are made in New York by skilled artisans that pay attention to details in their craftsmanship.

Due to the nature of this product it is non-refundable or exchangeable.

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