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Our Story

Around the Collar
Fine Quality Leather Accessories that your Canine Best Friend Deserves

Around the Collar offers a variety of designer leather dog and cat collars, leather dog harnesses, leather leashes and luxury dog carriers and accessories. Want to show the feminine side with lot's of pink, masculine with shades of blue or sparkle with Austrian Crystal stones? Around the Collar will custom make it for you in your choice of color, style and size. 

Sharon's Story: 

I got the “bug” to relocate from Long Island into Manhattan and attend the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. My first job in the "real" working world was from a classified ad in Women's Wear Daily. It was working in the design room for a popular belt manufacturer. I knew I had to have the job. I called and called until I got it. I handled the salesmen samples and got involved with ordering the various components to create the belts. It was something I became very attached to. I was comfortable with it. Over time I moved from job to job until I was a designer on my own accord. Eventually I traveled overseas and created products for many private label retailers. 

My daughter Erica was 4 months old when I took my first trip overseas. It was very exciting at first, but after a dozen times, I was ready to give it up and find a better way to combine work and motherhood. Lalo and I decided to start our own leather accessories manufacturing business. Not a business that we buy products from someplace but one that we are creating each item in our own space. We get to add those extra touches that make the difference in quality and design.

We all have ways of experiencing each day. When shared with your family pet it adds such a difference in your world if you open yourself to accepting that precious love your dog and/or cat has for you.

The requests we were receiving back in 2001 led us to Around the Collar. We were truly creating and still do create custom pieces that are meant to be worn for years to come. After all these years the stories we have heard and the beautiful dogs and cats that have been pictured wearing our products continues to be our passion. 

We love being a part of your family. 

Lalo's Story: (told by Sharon)
Lalo and I met when I needed a local contractor to make ladies belts. I was immediately impressed with the skilled workmanship and beauty of the items he created. Lalo, who hails from Colombia, South America, has worked with leather products his entire life. His mother was a tailor and his father owned manufacturing facilities throughout Colombia.

Over time we received many requests to add to our line and became involved in the pet industry. We realized there was a need in the market place and decided to launch the Around the Collar collection. I do the designing and manage the office while Lalo does what he does best.... bring the design to life.

Toby was our border collie that had been a great inspiration for us. He added so much joy into our daily lives. Since Border Collie’s are known as “working dogs”, that is what he did. He came to work with us and let’s us know what it’s like to have a dog around. He is our mascot and we have created our logo around him.

Toby passed away in April 2021 and we were so distraught . We knew he wasn't feeling well and started thinking about what to do next. We submitted an application to a local rescue group In January 2021. Believe it or not it took 4 months to call us with a possible dog to adopt. The call came just 4 days after Toby passed away. We couldn't believe the timing of the call. Of course we went to meet this new puppy that was just 2 months old and brought to Long Island from Georgia. As soon as he met us he kissed us through our masks and it was love at first sight. Two days later Alfie came into our lives. He is officially named Alfie Romero and came to us as a 12 lb puppy. He quickly became 90 lbs after 9 months and every ounce of him is filled with affection and love. Alfie is the most personable and loving dog anyone could possibly ask for. He might be a bit larger in size but so is his heart.

Presently we are proud to say we are still married and get to share our life with our wonderful daughter,son-in-law and grandson along with our 'little" Alfie. Who would have ever thought this would have happened?